November 07, 2019

The way I see it, you have two options at this point…

1. You can decide it’s all over from here and spend the next two months eating and drinking all the things, resulting in the obligatory holiday extra ten pounds.


2. You can decide that it’s NOT all down hill from here, that you don’t have to wait until January, find some consistency in a healthy lifestyle, still enjoy your holiday events guilt-free, and maintain or even LOSE weight this season, heading into January like 🔥

For those of you who like the idea of option #2, but aren’t really sure what that looks like, I am hosting a six week challenge JUST.FOR.YOU.

We start on November 18th and it will include:

**Weekly meal plans with recipes
**Tips for enjoying the holidays without over-eating
**A full prep week to make sure you are mentally and physically prepared
**Daily accountability, motivation, and helpful advice for healthy living
**Clean fall recipes
**One on one coaching
**At-home fitness that will help you achieve your goals and fit into your busy holiday schedule
**Grace to enjoy your holiday events guilt-free

If you are interested, share below which is your favorite holiday…Thanksgiving or Christmas??

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