November 11, 2019

There are “superfoods” but there’s also a “super-exercise”: HIIT! But is HIIT better than cardio at a lower intensity? Today, my mission is to coax you over to the HIIT side…

The most common exercise is of course “steady state” cardio — basically meaning that the intensity of the exercise is pretty consistent the whole time.

And that’s all well and good.

But the fact that this is recommended so often by health experts as THE guideline for how you SHOULD exercise just amazes the crap out of me!

Not going to name any names of any websites, but I just saw an article that said, you should be exercising hard enough that singing is difficult, but if you’re too out of breath to talk easily, you’re working too hard.

Again, this was meant to be a guideline about the sweet spot of the intensity level you “should” be exercising at. In fact, you’ve likely heard this guideline yourself.

But I was just like, why exactly is that??

What’s wrong with being so out of breath you can’t talk?

But, you see advice like this making the rounds all the time. No wonder even people who want to kick it up a notch are stuck on their boring, steady bike or jog…

And wondering why they’re not seeing results, getting rid of chronic ailments, or feeling AMAZING the way they were promised the magical effects of exercise would be.

Exercise CAN have incredible transformative effects on your health and lifespan, but HIIT is way more of a guaranteed route to that than moderate exercise is.

YES, Hiit is better than cardio. Give it a try and see for yourself. Want to learn more about Hiit and Intermittant Fasting? Drop me a line and ask questions.

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