November 18, 2019

The Focus T25program is one of the most popular Beachbody workouts you will find. I already detailed the Alpha schedule, and now it’s time to give you the low down on the T25 Beta schedule, the second phase of the current three-phase program.

Focus T25 Beta Schedule

If you have finished the Alpha phase (and you do need to complete Alpha before even considering Beta), the Beta phase will probably look familiar. Just know that everything is more advanced.

The Workouts

Once again, you have five workouts.

  • T25 Core Cardio – intense, advanced cardio that will make your heart rate skyrocket
  • Dynamic Core – cardio focus on strengthening your abs while maintaining balance
  • RIP’t Circuit – cardio and resistance (bands and dumbbells) for strengthening
  • Speed 2.0 – three rounds of increasingly harder interval exercises with differing levels
  • Upper Focus – alternating fast cardio with slow strengthening exercises working arms

When compared to the Alpha phase, the most obvious thing about the T25 Beta schedule is that you will be focusing on your core. Also, you are kicking up your cardio, focusing on your upper body instead of your lower, increasing your speed from 1.0 to 2.0, and starting to concentrate on defining those muscles.

Again, you’ll have a stretch day designed to ease those sore muscles.

The Calendar

The T25 Beta calendar follows the same pattern as the Alpha. It is five weeks long, with five days of workouts. The fifth day is a double workout that you can split into two (one on the fifth day, one on the sixth day). The sixth day is for measurements and weight checks, and the seventh day is for rest/stretching.

Once again, the only things that don’t change are the stats and stretching days; those remain on the sixth and seventh days. Everything else changes from week to week. So, in week one, you’ll do Speed 2.0 on Tuesday, but it will be on Wednesday in week three.

It is also worth noting that the double Fridays are intended to maximize your results, and I mean seriously maximize them! Speed 2.0 is combined with each of the other workouts in weeks two through five. If you’re looking to achieve greatness, do the workouts back to back on Friday.

As I have said before, the actual days of the week don’t matter; start the program on the day that works best with your work or family schedules. But do complete the workouts in the order on the calendar.

One last thing; on the printable calendar, there are two boxes: one labeled “nailed it” and one labeled “barely made it.” Take advantage of those. Mark them honestly throughout the T25 Beta schedule. You’ll be amazed at your improvement by the end of the second phase and ready for Gamma!

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