November 18, 2019

Okay, I’ve talked about it a lot, but now I am going to give you a basic science lesson while I explain what makes the 80 Day Obsession food planunique.

Timed Nutrition

Like other Beachbody programs, 80 Day Obsession comes with a nutrition plan. But this workout system changes it up by introducing a concept called “Timed Nutrition.” The plan tells you what to eat, but it also specifies when you should eat. It takes into account what time of day you will be exercising, and what you should be eating pre- and post-workout.

Why is this important? Let’s look at a little bit of easy-to-understand, basic science.

Carbs get broken down into blood sugar (glucose) which the body then uses as fuel. Carbs stored in muscles and the liver (as glycogen) are a backup fuel source. The harder you exercise, the faster both the primary and secondary fuel sources are used up. Makes sense so far, right?

A good nutrition plan ensures that you are eating the proper foods to keep those fuel stores filled, or at least filled enough to get you through your workouts. However, they will also usually have you at a calorie deficit, including low- or no carbs. This becomes problematic if you are in the middle of a high-intensity workout program.

The 80 Day Obsession food plan has the answer.

When you ramp up to 80 Day Obsession Phase 2 and continue into Phase 3, you add refeed days every other week.

Refeed Days

I touched on this in my general post about 80 Day Obsession, but it deserves some detail because there is a lot of misinformation out there. People refer to refeed days as “cheat days,” but that is not entirely accurate.

A cheat day implies that you can eat whatever you want, and that’s simply not true. You wouldn’t want to waste all the hard work that got you to Phase 2 by blowing it on Doritos or Death by Chocolate Cake, would you? (Well, maybe Death by Chocolate….)

But seriously, yes, a refeed day is a time that you can eat increased carbs because they are used to replenish those stores of fuel. That hit of carbs will go straight to the muscles in the form of glycogen. In turn, this allows you to work harder in your post-refeed day workout.

You can see where it becomes vital to eat the right kind of carbs on refeed days. You can find some more specifics for refeed days, that will help you make the right choices. If you follow the 80 Day Obsession food plan through Phase 1, you’ll be ready (and eager) to begin Phase 2. You will find you have a new attitude towards both nutrition and exercise, which will continue to push you through to Phase 3.

Remember, give it your best, stay positive, and refeed…do not cheat! Follow your 80 Day Obsession Food Plan and you will find yourself feeling, healthier, happier, and more harmonious with your life.

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