May 07, 2018

Brazil Butt Lift

We’re you watching the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro? Did you watch all the beautiful women in traditional Carnival costumes and wish you had a Brazil booty? (C’ mon, it’s okay to admit it). Were you wondering if there was a Brazil Butt Lift Workout that you could do?

Butt Lift Workout that you could do?

The Brazilians are proud of their booties, they have a Miss Bum Bum contest every year to crown the Best Bottom in Brazil? It’s now even gone internationally and they hold a WORLD BUM BUMcontest.

Thanks to the ever-creative Beachbody team, you can now do a workout that is designed specifically to get you that Brazilianbooty you want. Here are some FAQs about the program

What kind of exercise is it?

If you dislike boring, repetitive regimens,the Brazil Butt Liftworkout is probably the program for you. Exercises focus on cardio and strength training. Instead of traditional methods, the moves are more dance-inspired, taking aspects of ballet, Afro-Brazilian dance, and even capoeira, a Brazilian form of martial arts that incorporates dance moves. There is nothing boring about this program.

The program does use resistance bands to really target the glutes for fat burning and sculpting of the muscles. For an extra kick, you can try the deluxe version of this workout, which uses ankle weights and stronger resistance bands, plus some additional workouts. The deluxe version will definitely maximize your results.

What’s the level?

Like several other exercise programs offered by Beachbody, the Brazil Butt Liftworkout is customizable for different levels of fitness. People with intermediate, and even beginning, skill levels should have no problem with the style, even though it does tend to be a little more intense than some others.

Obviously, from the description, you can tell that it is a little dance-heavy. So, if you’re someone who has two left feet, or thought of any kind of dancing makes you break out in a cold sweat, this isn’t for you. Remember, you should enjoy your exercise for it to have the greatest effect!

How long is it?

The Brazil Butt Lift program covers 60 days, so you can be well on your way to a Brazilian bum in just eight weeks. Daily exercises last anywhere from 10 o 50 minutes long. Again, if you’re a dancin’ fool, the time will just fly by – you may not even feel like you’re working out!

Whose workout is it?

Here’s my favorite part. Leandro Carvalho leads this program. He has been a personal trainer to Victoria’s Secret Angels and other top models, and his exercise programs are internationally known. Really, who better to help you get that booty in shape than someone who has a proven track record?

But don’t take my word for it. You can pick up the DVD set or find the videos on Beachbody On Demand and see for yourself. Get started, stick with it, and maybe next year you’ll be ready to be a Miss Bum Bum contestant!

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