May 04, 2018

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You know you want to ask the MONEY question but feel it might be a bit too forward or rude to ask. I would say the top two burning questions most people ask or want to ask are:

1. What is a Beachbody Coach really earning yearly?

2. What Do you have to do to Earn that Money?

Both are great questions and I would like to answer them for you.

Beachbody coaches can make literally nothing or make millions depending on what type of business you have grown or are growing. These numbers are from the most recent 2017-2018 Team Beachbody Statement of Independent Coach Earnings.

Beachbody Coach Rank Level Earnings:

Beachbody Coach Levels

Click here for the full Team Beachbody Statement of Independent Coach Earnings

Before I head into what you have to do to earn that money, I want to remind you that what you are earning is based on what your goals are. The key to really make those higher numbers is to master solid marketing skills and understand the system. Some people sign up for the coaching program just to get 25% off of all their products, it's worth it to them paying the $39.00 fee.

Here is how a coach makes their money.

1. 25% Commission

Every coach gets a 25% commission off orders placed through his or her website. They also get 25% off of their personal orders.

2. Weekly Team Bonus

If you have been growing a team and have 2 or more coaches, you can earn customer leads & team cycle bonuses. The team cycle bonus can be small or as large as $12,000 per week at the top rank.

3. Quarterly Bonuses

When you hit and hold a certain high rank for 6 or more weeks in a row, you can earn a quarterly bonus. You will need to be a 2-Star diamond, 5-Star Diamond, 10-Star Diamond, or the highest rank - 15-Star Diamond.

4. You can also earn the title of Elite Coach and get additional perks, vacations, Leadership retreats, and exclusive training from people like John C. Maxwell. Also, you can get additional prizes for hitting certain monthly or annual goals.

As you can see from the article above how much you earn and how you earn your money is all based on:

1. Is this a business for you or do you just want the 25% off of products

2. Is this a side gig to supplement your day job?

3. Is this your main source of income and your main business?

4. Mindset - What is your mindset about being a coach and or building it into a business to sustain your lifestyle and make your dreams come true?

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