July 18, 2022

What are the benefits? Keep reading and I’ll let you in on my secrets as to why becoming a morning person could be the best thing for you!

It’s early…

Too early.

The alarm clock goes off early in the AM and you wish you could just hit snooze over and over again until the clock shatters into a million tiny little pieces — allowing you to continue to sleep peacefully, ignoring all of your responsibilities…

But, you can’t do that, can you?

You have responsibilities, deadlines, and commitments — you have to be up and ready.

You have to show up and show out.

What if I told you that becoming a morning person, despite its challenges, could be one of the greatest things you could do for yourself?

What if I told you that by becoming a morning person, you would have more energy, lower levels of stress, higher levels of concentration AND more time in the day for me-time.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Why Become a Morning Person?

There are plenty of benefits to changing your lifestyle and waking up a little earlier than you’re used to. Let’s dive into some of those benefits, shall we?

You’re more likely to exercise

It’s true.

Having a busy schedule is one of the greatest obstacles to not being able to get a workout in every day. Naturally, you have a lot on your plate and when your mornings are rushed and you feel thrown into the day — it’s hard to make exercise a priority.

Before you know it, the day’s over and you’re completely drained.

By teaching yourself to wake up earlier in the morning, you can make sure that exercise becomes a priority for you, first thing.

Make it easy on yourself. That’s the number one rule to building a habit — make it convenient.

Lay out your workout clothes the night before. Make sure your favorite headphones are charging all night long. Buy yourself a pair of workout shoes.

Motivate yourself in any way possible to wake up early and move your body.

Doing this can make all the difference when it comes to your physical and mental health. We all know we should be working out for our overall well-being, so why not try and make it a priority in the early mornings? You’ll feel good afterward, gaining a sense of accomplishment first thing.

Starting your day off with a workout can have health benefits, also. Such as — lowering your blood pressure, burning more body fat, and even helping you get better quality sleep at night.

You’ll feel more productive

When you wake up earlier, you’ll have more time and energy to get everyday tasks and responsibilities done efficiently.

In the morning, our brains are more alert after getting a good night’s sleep. Because of this, you’ll experience increased levels of focus and concentration — which can help you perform better each day in school, at work, or wherever you spend most of your energy.

When we feel productive, we feel good about ourselves, thus resulting in a positive mood.

Who doesn’t want to have a positive mood and mindset?!

Overall – you’ll have more time in the day

It’s easy to feel as though there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything we’d like to get done.

We prioritize our tasks and work – we do what needs to be done, but what about the things we’d like to do? The activities we wished we’d have more time for?

Maybe there’s a hobby you’ve been dying to try, a show you’ve wanted to watch, or a book you’ve wanted to read, but you’ve just never been able to find the time.

Starting your day earlier can help us prioritize our tasks and make us feel less stressed. We’ll have more time in the day to get what needs to be done, done while also feeling accomplished and not as rushed.

We’ll have more time in the day to do the things we want along with the things we need to get done.

We’ll have more time for exercise, activities, and for spending time with our loved ones.

So, have I convinced you yet?

How to Become a Morning Person

The first step into becoming a morning person is by making sure you’re getting enough sleep each night.

Without enough sleep, you can feel heightened levels of fatigue, stress, and low focus and/or concentration levels.

Come up with a sleep schedule that makes sense for you and your life. Make it a goal of yours to maintain this sleep schedule — going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. This can help you become a morning person over time by turning it into a habit.

Commit to a sleeping schedule and wake up every day feeling energized and ready to go.

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