July 11, 2022

It happens to the best of us.

Really, it does.

We can be on the best workout streaks of our lives — a perfect well-balanced routine of work, relaxation, and physical activity. And then one day, it just disappears into thin air.

Next thing we know, our motivation took a sabbatical and we need it to come back to work ASAP.

Here are some tips on how to ditch all the excuses you keep giving yourself and find that motivation again to get your body moving!

Make it Convenient

This is the best thing you can do for yourself when struggling with motivation.

Often, we come up with excuses to not work out — especially when it doesn’t seem like the most practical thing. For example, your workout class may be a bit of a drive away. So you allow the excuses of saving gas money and not having enough time to stop you. They’re real reasons. But you have to work around them to get your motivation back.

Make it easy for yourself. Lay out your workout clothes the night (or morning) before. Put on that outfit first thing and take an easy walk around the neighborhood. Buy yourself at-home workout equipment. Look up workout videos to do at home. Find ways to make it fool-proof — so you can still get it done on your lowest motivation days.

Work on Your Mindset and Goals

When you’re struggling with motivation, take out a pen and paper and write down your fitness goals. Want to feel better? Maybe you want to lose weight. Do you just want to move your body because you know it feels good? Thinking about a marathon?

Whatever your goals are — write them down. Once you see your goals written out clearly, you get motivated. You want to check off these goals, you want to feel accomplished. You remind yourself of the why and create a game plan.

Take the time to write out your goals weekly, monthly, or on a schedule that works for you. Then, put your plan into action.

Remind Yourself of the Benefits

It’s important to remind yourself how good you feel after a workout. Your endorphins are running high. You have a boost of long-lasting energy. And you feel proud. Say it aloud — that you’re proud of yourself. (it helps make the connection in your brain that exercise is something you enjoy).

It always seems like a tough task until you’re in the middle of a workout. It’s getting there that can be hard. But remind yourself of that strong, sweaty, amazingfeeling you get. You’re accomplishing something on your to-do list. You’re doing something good for your mind, body, and soul.

When low motivation creeps in, look at your goals and remind yourself of all the benefits. Reward yourself after. Experiment with little ways to motivate yourself. You’ll be back in your routine in no time.

I hope some of these tips helped inspire some motivation in you.

Keep in mind — it’s normal to feel unmotivated sometimes. Life can get hectic and crazy. Sometimes you just lose sight of your goals. Sometimes you fall back into old routines or coping mechanisms that are familiar. (Even if they don’t align with your goals)

You’re human. Give yourself a break. And set boundaries with yourself to get back into your routine.

Exercise is great for your mind and your body. The more you make it a priority, the better you will feel. Motivation may come and go, but it’s up to you to do the work to push through low motivation. Though your days may not look the same every day — anything is possible when you try your best!

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