June 30, 2022

The time has finally come.

You’ve accomplished something big. Something that used to seem impossible. A goal that seemed so far that even if you tried to squint — you still couldn’t picture it.

But, it’s here. You made it happen.

You’ve put in the work. You’ve reached thousands of goals along the way. You’ve pushed yourself, tested your limits, and finally completed an important goal for your physical wellness.

You have reached your goal weight.

A lot of articles touch base on how to achieve your goal weight, what diets to complete and what exercises to do. But something that’s rarely talked about when losing weight…

What happens after you’ve reached your goal weight?

You’re wondering — what’s next?

This can be an interesting feeling. You’ve had something to focus on and work towards for a while. You’ve gotten so used to stepping on the scale and counting down until you’ve hit a certain number.

But, now you’re there. You’ve reached your destination. You’re wondering — what on earth do I do next?

First of all — congratulations! Allow yourself to feel proud. This is exciting! Recognize the hard work you put into this goal. You’ve reached your desired outcome. What a wonderful feeling that must be.

After you’ve celebrated your personal wins, you’re left wondering what next? You want to maintain your weight and you don’t want to lose any of your progress.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your goal weight…

First — schedule a doctor’s visit. It’s important to let your primary care physician know of your change in weight once you’ve reached this goal. Schedule an evaluation and talk to your doctor about your weight loss. During your evaluation, you can discuss future health goals and how to maintain that weight.

Second — come up with another plan for yourself. By this point, you must already be so used to eating the way you have been and working out, moving your body. It’s important that you don’t stop doing this just because you’ve reached your goal weight!

We should maintain a well-balanced diet and move our bodies regularly — even when not trying to lose weight. It benefits our well-being and keeps us fit. Once you’ve reached your goal weight, don’t stop caring for yourself and looking after your body.

Your goal has just changed. You don’t have a specific amount of weight you want to lose, but now you want to maintain your healthy lifestyle. It can be done.

Create goals for yourself that don’t have to do with the number on the scale. Create a well-balanced diet plan that allows you to enjoy food, but also to feed your body the nutrients and healthy foods it needs to prosper. If you need guidance, contact your doctor or a Registered Dietitian. There are many resources out there to help you maintain your healthy, fit lifestyle.

It’s important to remember that just because you’ve reached your goal weight doesn’t mean you should let go of your healthy habits. If anything, reaching your goal should show you how great it is to maintain that healthy lifestyle. You feel better physically and mentally — why change that?

Remember to celebrate your wins and pat yourself on the back for completing a goal. This isn’t something to take lightly. Be proud of yourself, work to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and live a happy, fulfilled life.

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