June 17, 2022

Ever look at somebody else’s life and think…

“I wish I had that.”

“Why don’t I have that?”

“Am I not good enough?”

“They’re farther ahead than I am — I must be doing something wrong.”

More times than we’d like to admit, thoughts like these have crossed our minds.

These negative thoughts are detrimental. They have the potential to impact our self-perception and confidence.

We see everyone’s best moments on social media. It’s a highlight reel — keep in mind even though someone’s life may look perfect it’s probablynot. It’s not fair to compare yourself to what you think someone’s life is like.

Comparison is a surefire way to kill confidence. It attracts more negativity into your life — low self-confidence and low moods.

The hard truth? We all do it.(whether we admit it or not.) Sometimes, we do it without even realizing.

The next time you find yourself comparing yourself to someone else, try one of these things instead.

Limit Your Social Media Usage

Social media can be a fun place to document your life, share your experiences, and engage with your loved ones. It’s a great way to keep up with distant friends & family. You can even build a beautiful, supportive community.

Social media can also cause low self-esteem — sometimes without us even realizing.

If you find yourself scrolling on social media with only negative thoughts — quit scrolling. Open up a good novel or even a self-help book. Give your brain a workout and fill your head with positive thoughts instead. Sometimes, it’s best to put the phone down or delete the apps.

If you find social media continues to enable negative thoughts, maybe it’s time to reconsider the time spent on your phone. You don’t deserve to be feeling that way or thinking negative thoughts!

Practice Affirmations

If you’re struggling with feelings of low-self esteem or doubt, try affirmations.

Right down a few positive statements on a piece of paper. Then, stand in front of the mirror and read them aloud. It may feel funny at first — try to believe what you’re saying.

A few affirmations you can try:

  • I am grateful for my life.
  • I am beautiful as I am.
  • I don’t compare myself to others anymore
  • I know that I am special, unique, and important.
  • I am happy and healthy.
  • I am capable of anything I put my mind to.
  • I will not compare my life to anyone else’s.
  • I am thankful for everything I have.

By repeating these affirmations, you will eventually start to believe them. It’s a great way to start your morning. Look for the good in each and every day, and you will be sure to find it.

Remind Yourself Who You Are

This can be hard when dealing with thoughts of comparison — but it’s so essential and important to remember who you are.

You are a unique individual who has a purpose in this world. You may see the life of someone else and want that for yourself. Think you can’t achieve it? This is where you’re wrong.

Anything you really want in life, you can achieve. Maybe it’s a certain job. Maybe it’s a promotion. Maybe it’s a level of fitness. If you put your mind to it, you can achieve it. Remind yourself that you are capable of anything and you are deserving. Even in times where you may not feel like it — YOU ARE.

You have to remind yourself who you are in times where you’re struggling to see the good. There is good all around you, even in the most mundane moments.

Remember this the next time you feel doubt or comparison settling in. Comparison is the thief of joy — don’t rob yourself of happiness. Focus on the good and the good will get greater.

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