June 03, 2022

It’s all about finding the motivation. (Sometimes, that’s the hardest part)

Even though mid-workout, you think “Why was I procrastinating for so long?”

You want to work out in the morning — crossing it off your to-do list first thing.But getting there is hard.

It’s easier to press snooze and go back to sleep, right?

Listen, it’s time to pretend the snooze button doesn’t exist. Try that AND these tips — they’ll get you up and working out bright and early.

Don’t make it an option

When you go to bed the night before, think about how you WILL workout in the morning (not IF). Psych yourself up. You know the benefits — so don’t make it an option. Think about how much better you’ll feel once you’re up and moving.

It’ll energize you

Remember that starting your day with a workout will boost your energy. You’ll release Endorphins, which promote happy feelings and a positive mood. These feelings carry throughout your day.

Make it easy

Set up your workout clothes out the night before. Or buy at-home workout equipment. You have to make working out convenient for you.

Start off with a workout that excites and challenges you. Find ways to make your morning workout easy, fun, and enjoyable. Then, build it up over time.

Make it realistic

Don’t choose an exercise you know you won’t complete. If your workout looks like a walk around the block, great. If HIIT is your thing — do it! Yoga can be relaxing and intense, too.

Make it realistic so you can meet your fitness goals. Do not just do what somebody else is doing. Do what feels good. Plan ahead by writing down your workout.

Don’t press snooze

I mentioned this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. Studies show that pressing snooze and sleeping in can make you feel even more tired. Don’t do it.

Your alarm is your signal to get up and moving — even if you don’t want to. Hold yourself accountable (no one else will). Try counting down from 5 and getting out of bed when you reach 1 — don’t think just move. You’ll thank yourself later.

I hope these tips help boost your morning workout motivation — whatever that looks like for you. It’s a great task to add to your daily routine because it promotes productivity, happiness, and energy. So, get moving!

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